This CD is designed for a general audience. It addresses many of the same issues as I'm A Christian, So Why Am I Depressed? but does not include Christian references. The Depression Awareness Seminar is suitable for those struggling with depression, those who care about someone affected by depression, or for those simply wanting to know more about the subject.

Topics covered include a description of clinical depression, common symptoms, possible roots, what to say / what not to say to a depressed person, why depressed people so frequently stop taking their medications, the dangers of advising people to go off their meds, etc.

Wendy herself was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2000. While she is not a medical doctor nor a trained counsellor, she offers valuable insights from a layperson's point of view.

"Your CD on depression is one that Everyone needs to know what to say or not to help....and how to know if you need help. Thank you for an awesome tool."  - Christine B.

Listen to Track 6: What NOT To Say To A Depressed Person:

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