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Hi Everyone....welcome to my website! I'm a singer, songwriter, musician, comedian & inspirational speaker.




Events I'm available for:

- Concert & Comedy nights, suitable for all ages

- Ladies' Nights Out!

- Seniors' Events

- Weekend Retreats

- Music & comedy for breakfasts, lunches, banquets, special events

- Fundraisers

- Sunday morning church services - music, comedy & a message


I share my music, comedy & my life story - an inspirational, faith-filled message of hope & JOY!! 


I speak of being diagnosed with clinical depression (in 2000) and with an aggressive form breast cancer (2009). I share how God can use suffering in our lives and how He can bring good out of even the most difficult experiences. By the way, as of 2011, I'm in remission - yay!


Please take a look around my website! You'll find my bio, song samples, video clips from some of my shows, TV / radio interviews, newspaper articles, referrals, and lots more!


It would be a privilege to meet you & to serve your group in any way I can. And in terms of cost, I'm always willing to find a way we can work within your budget.


And when you plan an event, I'll design the poster for you and send you the PDF - all you have to do is print off the posters & you're ready to promote your event!


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to chat further, or you'd like to book an event.




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"Words of inspiration, hope & encouragement for life's journey"

In August 2009, Wendy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After several surgeries and many long months of chemo & radiation, Wendy is thrilled to report that as of February 2011, all treatments are completed!

Thanks so much to all of you who prayed faithfully. Be sure to check Wendy's Schedule page to see what she's up to next!!!

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